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We – that is Florian, Stephan and Christoph – have spent many years at Graz University of Technology studying renewable energies and the bottom line is: there have long been extremely promising technologies to tackle climate change – but unfortunately, they are still under-utilized in everyday life. The purchase of a solar plant consisting of electricity storage, inverter, solar panel, etc. is often very expensive and for city dwellers anyway no option because of the space.

For this reason, we decided to start EET and make our own contribution! In December 2016, we completed our activities at the University and dedicated ourselves to our vision. The following May, we founded Efficient Energy Technology GmbH and very quickly acquired many supporters! Our team has now over 15 permanent employees and continues to grow. We see every day – in talks, articles and other reports – that the topic of independent, decentralized energy production is quite relevant for most people. We are happy about that and are in good spirits, that together we can realize a better world.

That’s the reason why we designed and developed SolMate. The first solar plant with light and flexible solar panels for the balcony and to plug into a power socket. SolMate is a combination of design, independence and innovation. By using our space-saving solar panel in combination with a compact power storage, there is enough room for our solar plant, even on smaller balconies. SolMate can help you to save about 25% of your electricity costs. Because of the integrated power socket you can also use SolMate in case of emergencies or black outs.

Together we can make a big contribution to the climate change! What are you waiting for? Become a part of the SolMate familiy and contact us directly.

off grid power solar plant system SolMate by EET

For further information visit our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel


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