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With our flexible and diverse installation options, anyone can become a solar pioneer. The different versions, each with or without a storage tank, meet your individual needs! The best thing about it? Thanks to our simple installation options, you don’t need a specialist for any of the installation variants. This saves you time and additional costs.

With EET’s mounting options, you can install your panels exactly where you can catch the most sunlight. This allows you to optimize the output of your solar power plant. Whatever your living situation – we have a mounting solution for every application:

Our vision of making renewable energy simple, safe and reliable for everyone is also reflected in our installation options. Installation is designed to be so simple that you can do it without the help of a specialist, yet you can be confident that your products will hold securely if you follow our instructions. In these, we guide you step by step through the assembly process in an easy-to-understand way. You will find the instructions included in your delivery or here on our website.

In order to bring green electricity into every home and thus promote the energy transition, we have set ourselves the task of making the installation options as varied and flexible as possible:



Just right for you! Whether you live in a house with a garden or an apartment with a balcony - you're sure to find the perfect option for you. Depending on the installation location, we will also supply you with exactly what you need to mount your PV system. Simply install it, plug it into the socket and benefit from green electricity!

  • Our promise

    At EET, we provide you with the complete package - you decide on the installation location and we send you everything you need!

    ✔ No additional purchases necessary

    ✔ Easy installation thanks to integrated operating instructions

    ✔ Extensions, modifications and optimizations possible at any time with our accessories


Here you will find everything else you might need! Are you interested in how much energy is produced by your PV system? Have you moved house and want to install your panels somewhere else? Would you like to expand your balcony power plant? No problem at all, because we are also happy to provide you with any accessories you may need!


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