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Solar energy knows no limits

Fences not only provide protection and security, but also give any property a clear structure and aesthetic enhancement by serving as an elegant boundary line between privacy and the outside world. But they can do so much more than that, for example as the ideal framework for your own solar installation. They are very easy to install and not only make the fence more attractive, but also add significant value.
And if you want to add a storage unit, no problem, we have the best option for you too!

Solmate FENCE

Mini PV system on the fence with electricity storage

  • Storage of surplus solar energy
  • Continuous power supply even after sunset
  • Increased independence and emergency power supply
SolMate Fence
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Mini PV system on the fence without electricity storage

  • Direct use of the solar energy generated
  • Reduces power consumption during the day
  • Inexpensive to purchase, easy to maintain
LightMate Fence
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Your fence can also be an ideal installation location for your photovoltaic system, as a solar power plant fulfills two purposes at once: it generates green solar power and also serves as a modern privacy screen. As a garden fence is usually easily accessible, this location makes both the installation and maintenance of your solar panels easier. In addition, photovoltaic panels on the fence do not take up valuable space that you could use for other purposes.

Vertical alignment? No problem!

Due to the vertical orientation, your solar power plant generates a lot of electricity, especially when the sun is low in the sky. Therefore, in addition to a south-facing orientation, an east or west-facing orientation is also recommended in order to make optimum use of the rising and setting sun. It is precisely at these times that the most electricity tends to be consumed. Vertical orientation is also advantageous in winter, when the sun is lower, in order to make the most efficient use of solar radiation. Even the reflection of sunlight on snow can contribute to energy generation.


Plug and play solutions are designed to be easy to install. With these systems, all the necessary components such as solar panels, inverters, cables and plugs are already integrated so that installation can be carried out without any special technical knowledge. Plug and Play solar power plants are also characterized by their high flexibility and can be easily dismantled and installed at a different location if required.

Green electricity - together

As already mentioned, solar panels on the fence not only offer the advantage of energy generation, but also act as an effective privacy screen. However, before you start with the installation, it is advisable to come to an agreement with your property management. This is particularly important if the fence borders on the properties of adjacent neighbors. To prevent future disagreements, it is also advisable to obtain the consent of your neighbors. Open communication can help to clarify any concerns and promote harmonious coexistence. In addition, involving the neighborhood in the planning process at an early stage can also make them interested in using solar energy. Ultimately, not only does the environment benefit from the installation of such systems, but the sense of community within the neighborhood can also be strengthened when working together on sustainable solutions.

  • Advantages of a fence power plant

    ✔ Space-saving

    ✔ Additional privacy screen

    ✔ Simple installation

  • What to look out for?

    ✔ Alignment to the sun

    ✔ Consultation with neighbors:inside

    ✔ Cable routing