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Solar energy fresh from your own garden

The stylish garden versions have many advantages. They are super easy to install, don’t take up much space and can therefore also be used in urban areas to produce your own solar power.
As our systems are available with and without storage, there is the right solution for every taste!

Solmate GARDEN

Mini PV system in the garden with electricity storage

  • Storage of surplus solar energy
  • Continuous power supply even after sunset
  • Increased independence and emergency power supply
SolMate Garden
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Mini PV system in the garden without electricity storage

  • Direct use of the solar energy generated
  • Reduces power consumption during the day
  • Inexpensive to purchase, easy to maintain
LightMate Garden

Small PV power plants, or mini PV systems, are increasingly being used in urban areas to generate their own solar power. The small systems are particularly suitable for installation in your own garden, as they require little space and can be installed on practically any surface due to their low weight. This means that even in densely populated areas, households with small green spaces can cover their electricity consumption with renewable energy.


Your small photovoltaic system in the garden converts solar energy into electricity, just like any large photovoltaic system. The panels of the PV system are easy to install due to their size and weight and can be set up in the garden using steel brackets. This requires a maximum of two people and no specialist expertise. To ensure that the solar panels are securely fixed and are not moved by the wind, you can weigh down the steel brackets with exposed aggregate concrete slabs. If you prefer to anchor your panels in the ground, earth pegs, which you can find in DIY stores, are sufficient to prevent them from moving.



The plug-in small power plants not only have the advantage that they can be put into operation without a lot of bureaucracy, but can normally also be installed very easily without a specialist. An informal email to the grid operator regarding the commissioning of the small power plant is usually sufficient, and some grid operators now offer online forms on their websites that make registration even easier. This notification should be made at least 2 weeks before commissioning.

Green electricity from the garden

In addition to the fact that you save energy and protect the environment with your small power plant, there are other good reasons to install a mini PV system in your garden. You can position the solar panels flexibly in the garden and get the best performance out of them by aligning them so that they get as much sun as possible. You should orient your panels towards the south, but an east-west orientation can also generate a lot of power. However, make sure that your system is not shaded by trees or bushes, as even partial shading will lead to a reduction in output.

Please note!

When installing in the garden, you should make sure that the panels are safe from flying footballs or other toys. As the black metal of the solar panel can get quite hot in summer, make sure that children and pets do not have direct access to it.

  • Advantages of a garden power plant

    ✔ Flexible alignment

    ✔ Simple installation

    ✔ Plug and play

  • What to look out for?

    ✔ Weighting or anchoring the panels

    ✔ Secure mounting location

    ✔ Ideal alignment to the sun

Your own solar power plant in the garden is not only easy to set up, but also easy to maintain, as it is easily accessible thanks to its position on the ground. This way, you can ensure that your PV system supplies your home with green electricity for a long time.