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The perfect sunroof

The classic rooftop system has never been so affordable! Not everyone needs or wants a huge system on their roof. Often the roof is too small, incorrectly aligned or the total purchase costs are too high. Fortunately, there is always an option for two to four panels.
Now you just have to decide whether you want your system with or without storage.


Mini PV system on pitched roof with electricity storage

  • Storage of surplus solar energy
  • Continuous power supply even after sunset
  • Increased independence and emergency power supply
SolMate Pitched Roof
SolMate Schrägdach


Mini PV system on pitched roof without electricity storage

  • Direct use of the solar energy generated
  • Reduces power consumption during the day
  • Inexpensive to purchase, easy to maintain
LightMate Pitched Roof
Panel Schrägdach

The pitched roof is one of the most popular locations for installing a PV system, as it does not take up any unnecessary space and therefore leaves valuable green areas untouched, especially in the city. On a pitched roof, the mounting location already gives you an inclination that you can use to align the system with the sun!


As a certain inclination of the solar panels is useful for the optimum performance of your mini PV system, your pitched roof is a perfect mounting location as it already has a certain inclination. The adjustable roof hooks, which are included in the delivery, also give you a certain degree of flexibility here. Installation is just as easy as commissioning your solar power plant. However, as the installation takes place on the roof, you should definitely get help with this. If you have no experience at all with working on the roof, we advise you to call in a specialist for safety reasons.


Your roof-mounted power station can also be installed on tiled roofs, as the hooks have been developed in such a way that they do not damage the integrity of the roof and therefore do not cause any leaks or damage.

Simple, safe and reliable

Of course, safety is very important to us, especially when mounting on the roof, which is why the mounting system was developed to withstand very strong winds. Stability is also guaranteed on older roofs. Generally speaking, your roof-mounted power plant requires little maintenance, but occasional inspections can optimize the performance of your PV system.

The simple aesthetics of our products add a modern flair to the appearance of your home without changing it too much. By positioning them on the roof, you reduce the likelihood of your modules being affected by shadows, which would reduce their performance.

  • Advantages of a pitched roof power plant

    ✔ Low shading

    ✔ Plug and play

    ✔ Space-saving

  • What to look out for?

    ✔ Optimum alignment to the sun

    ✔ Clearance from snow

    ✔ Cable routing