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Even more energy – even when the sun isn’t shining!

You already have a balcony power station and are looking for a power upgrade? Then you’ve come to the right place! SolMate Naked is the most innovative solar storage system on the market and perfect for retrofitting your existing solar panels. 

Use electricity when you need it

Become less dependent on traditional energy sources and increase your energy self-sufficiency

Reduce your CO2-emmissions and actively contribute to the fight against climate change

Expand your existing PV system individually


SolMate Naked is the innovative solar solution that helps you to use clean and renewable energy. Thanks to our unique metering technology and easy installation, SolMate Naked is the perfect choice for your home. SolMate Naked only includes the storage unit, making it the perfect upgrade for existing balcony power plants.


The sun’s energy activates the electrons in the solar panels, which then generate direct current to charge your energy storage system. As soon as SolMate recognizes that energy is needed in your home, an inverter converts the stored energy and makes it available to the devices in your home.

Why should you opt for a system with storage? With a conventional balcony power plant, surplus electricity generated in excess of household requirements is made available to the grid operator free of charge by being fed into the public grid. With SolMate, you maximize the use of your solar power by storing excess energy for use during the evening hours rather than simply giving it away. This way you can save more electricity and further reduce your energy costs!






Your own existing panels (not included) are simply connected to the storage unit via a cable. You are supplied with everything you need for this. The storage system is then plugged into a standard socket. The solar power produced is fed into the household in the required quantity using SolMate’s patented measuring technology. Any electricity that is not required is stored in SolMate.

In addition to grid operation, you can also use SolMate in stand-alone mode. Thanks to the integrated socket on the side, you can then draw emergency power or provide light and entertainment away from a power grid.


If you produce your own electricity, you are never in the dark!

With SolMate Naked, you can also use solar power independently. If you operate your SolMate away from a power grid or want to be prepared for a power failure, with SolMate you are well prepared for both normal and emergency situations! 


  • Efficient use of self-generated electricity

    SolMate Nakedenablest it, store the electricity generated by the mini PV systems and use it later instead of feeding it into the grid. This increases self-sufficiency and reduces the need to purchase expensive grid electricity.

  • Independence from the power grid

    With SolMate Naked mini PV systems can also supply electricity when the public power grid fails. This is particularly useful for the emergency operation of important devices or lighting during a power outage. 

  • Optimal use of solar energy

    Since the surplus electricity is stored, the solar energy can also be used at night. This maximizes the self-consumption rate and reduces the purchase of grid electricity at expensive tariffs.

  • Easy installation

    The installation of SolMate Naked is uncomplicated and does not require any complex construction measures.


LiFePO4 batteries offer a higher level of safety compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries as they are less susceptible to thermal instability, which reduces the risk of fire or explosion. Their exceptional longevity and temperature resistance allow them to handle a large number of charge cycles and be cost-efficient in the long term.

In addition, LiFePO4 batteries are more environmentally friendly as they do not contain harmful materials such as cobalt, which facilitates their disposal and recycling. They also offer excellent performance in extreme temperature conditions, especially in the cold. Therefore, they are ideal for use outdoors and in cold environments, although they work most efficiently at a temperature of 20°C and have a longer service life.

We offer various stainless steel mounting accessories for positioning your storage unit. There are two options for mounting the storage unit: attach it variably to the house wall or alternatively set it up free-standing with a stand. You can find more information about our PLUG-IN storage system for photovoltaic systems in our video instructions or in our manual.


The MySolMate app

The MySolMate app is specially designed to allow you to seamlessly monitor and control your SolMate system wherever you are. This free application allows you to configure SolMate exactly how you want it. It offers you a variety of functions, including displaying the current energy production of your solar panels, an overview of the amount of solar energy currently flowing into your household and the option to set a minimum charge level for your storage system.

The highlight? The app is not only powerful, but also designed to be user-friendly so you can set it up quickly and effortlessly. 

The MySolMate app is available in all major app stores and can be downloaded. However, if you don’t have a smartphone, you can open our web app in your internet browser and use it just as freely.



The use of SolMate Naked in conjunction with mini PV systems supports decentralized energy generation and helps to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, which increases both your level of self-sufficiency and the amount of energy saved. 

What our customers say
"Everything worked perfectly - from ordering to delivery and installation. The manual is completely self-explanatory with text and perfect pictures, so setting up the LightMate really only takes a few minutes. The steel bracket is recommended for carpot roofs (like mine). My LightMate is connected to the mains and supplies power perfectly :)."

What our customers say
"Alles super, für die lange Lieferzeiten können die ja auch nicht für. Super Ware, plug and play garantiert. Der Service, sofern man ihn benötigt, super schnell und ohne Makel."

What our customers say
"We ordered the thing (photovoltaic) knowing that it would take a long time to deliver. Everything was included, including great instructions and it was super easy to install (on our balcony railing). We have now ordered a second one because it is a good product."

What our customers say
"Due to the current energy policy, we also decided to buy a balcony power plant. After some research, the company eet convinced us the most. The order was placed in February 2023; delivery a week later. We have been generating our own electricity since the beginning of March. We contacted customer service about a few technical details and they responded promptly and competently. A clear recommendation from us."

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