your solar Energy System step by step!

To provide a smooth installation, we will show you in less than 10 minutes how to take your solar energy system step by step into operation. SolMate can be easily installed by any solar pioneer in a matter of minutes, with no hassle and bureaucracy. You simply plug SolMate into the power socket by your self without paying for an electrican or fitter. The video also shows, how to easily connect your solar plant to the MySolMate-App, in order to always control your own solar energy production. But that’s still not everything: you automatically get software updates and in the future you will have access to various features such as minimum feed and vacation mode. But enough talk, just convince yourself!
Further videos also on our youtube channel:

I hope we could cover all your questions regarding the installation with our short video clips. Now there shouldn’t be any troubles while setting your SolMate into operation and starting your own solar energy production. If you have still further questions, visit our Question and Answer catalog on our website. Always feel free to contact us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!