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Icon für Photovoltaik an der Fassade


Let your facade shine in new splendor

If you don’t have a balcony and also don’t have enough space in your garden, but would like to finally put your house wall or the surface of your garden shed to good use, we have the perfect solution for you: solar systems for the façade! There is always a sunny spot for these extremely space-saving variants.
Do you also need a storage tank? We have the best option for this too!

SolMate Facade

Mini PV system on the facade with electricity storage

  • Storage of surplus solar energy
  • Continuous power supply even after sunset
  • Increased independence and emergency power supply
SolMate Facade


Mini PV system on the facade without electricity storage

  • Direct use of the solar energy generated
  • Reduces power consumption during the day
  • Inexpensive to purchase, easy to maintain
LightMate Facade
ASD05211 Kopie 2

In addition to roofs, balconies and gardens, house façades are also ideal for installing a PV system. Thanks to the elegant, black aesthetics of the solar panels, you not only generate green electricity, but also give your façade a modern touch. To mount your panels, all you have to do is hang them on pre-screwed rails, tighten them and plug them into your own socket.  Thanks to plug and play technology, you can use your own green electricity quickly and easily without any specialist knowledge.


A dedicated PV system on the house wall offers a number of advantages. The best orientation for solar panels is south. However, with panels on the façade, an east-west orientation can also bring a lot of green energy into your home. By mounting them vertically on the façade, you can make very good use of the energy from the lower-lying sun, which is especially the case in the mornings and evenings. This means that your façade power plant generates energy precisely when it is most needed. Mounting on the façade is a space-saving solution for your PV system and facilitates both installation and maintenance work thanks to its easy accessibility. In addition, less dirt or snow accumulates on vertical solar panels, which means that hardly any maintenance is required for the panels to work efficiently.


If your photovoltaic system produces more electricity than you need directly, there are two options: Either the energy you don't use is given away to the public grid, or you can store the surplus electricity for later when you need it again. For this, however, you need a storage unit such as SolMate. Due to the maximum output mentioned above, balcony power plants are often referred to as "mini PV systems".

Vertical mounting? Yes, of course!

In addition to the east-west orientation, a vertically mounted solar power system can also pay off, especially in the winter months, as the sun is also lower in winter. Your façade power plant also produces electricity when it tends to be needed more. If you live in a snowy area, you benefit not only from the low sun, but also from the reflection. The sunlight reflected by snow or windows can also be converted into electricity by a photovoltaic system.

A little tip or two...

When choosing the façade, you should not only make sure that the solar panels are ideally aligned with the sun, but also that they are not affected by too much shade. A canopy or trees from the garden can cast shadows on your solar system, especially on the house wall, and thus reduce its performance.

Walls are different and you need the right screws for each wall to ensure that your wall rails hold well. But don’t worry: even if you mount your solar system on your own house wall, no structural measures are necessary to generate green electricity – all you need are the right screws.

Wände sind verschieden sind und du benötigst für jede Wand die passenden Schrauben, damit deine Wandschienen gut halten. Doch keine Sorge: Auch wenn du deine Solaranlage an der eigenen Hauswand montierst, sind keine baulichen Maßnahmen notwendig, um grünen Strom zu erzeugen – alles was du brauchst sind die richtigen Schrauben.

  • Advantages of a facade power plant

    ✔ Easy maintenance

    ✔ Space-saving and aesthetic

    ✔ Plug-and-play

  • What to look out for?

    ✔ Avoid shading

    ✔ Ideal alignment

    ✔ Cable routing