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More than just a roof over your head

Even a flat roof or a carport can be optimally used to generate your own solar power. Our specially developed steel brackets provide you with the perfect angle in winter and summer for the most productive solar harvest possible.
Of course, we also have the perfect storage system for you with this option!


Mini PV system on a flat roof with electricity storage

  • Storage of surplus solar energy
  • Continuous power supply even after sunset
  • Increased independence and emergency power supply
SolMate Flat Roof
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Mini PV system on a flat roof without electricity storage

  • Direct use of the solar energy generated
  • Reduces power consumption during the day
  • Inexpensive to purchase, easy to maintain
LightMate Flat Roof
240126_SolMate Varianten_produktrenderings_webshop_FLACHDACH Kopie Himmel2 Kopie

Flat roofs are popular locations for PV systems, especially in urban areas, as they do not take up any space and also save valuable green areas. In addition, they are not normally affected by shade due to their height, as there are no trees or buildings to block the sun. This means they can soak up plenty of sun. As the flat roof does not require a pitch, you can mount your solar panels in such a way that they are perfectly aligned with the sun.

Just right for all circumstances

As a flat angle is not ideal for the optimum performance of your panels, you should definitely set them upright. Thanks to the steel brackets supplied, you can also mount the panels on a flat roof at various steep angles to create the ideal orientation towards the sun. Due to the low weight, you can install your small power plant on your flat roof without any worries about structural stability. However, if you are unsure, it doesn’t hurt to ask! To prevent them from being blown around by the wind, exposed aggregate concrete slabs are a good way to weigh down the panels.


The installation of your mini PV system is particularly impressive due to its simplicity. You save yourself time-consuming bureaucracy and can usually manage without the need for a specialist. For most grid operators, an informal email regarding the commissioning of the small power plant is usually sufficient; alternatively, you can find online registration forms on their websites. Just make sure you register at least two weeks before commissioning your solar power system.

A little tip

If you live in a snowy region, your panels may be covered by snowfall in winter due to their placement on a flat roof. This means that less sunlight falls on the panels and less solar power is generated. Even if only part of the panel is covered, this can reduce the output of your PV system. It is therefore a good idea to keep an eye on it at regular intervals and remove snow from the panels if in doubt.

Even though our systems add a modern aesthetic to any home, the advantage of installing them on a flat roof is that your small power plant won’t change the appearance of your home. What’s more, they don’t take up any space that you could use for other purposes, and you still benefit from green electricity.

  • Advantages of a flat roof power plant

    ✔ Little to no shading

    ✔ Plug and play

    ✔ Space-saving

  • What to look out for?

    ✔ Alignment to the sun

    ✔ Regular maintenance, especially in the event of snow

    ✔ Cable routing